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Our Journey

Our professional passion in the entertainment industry probably began in San Diego.  While living in Pacific Beach, Patrick Bardwell was involved with a small corporate video production company.  Mr. Bardwell then moved up to Santa Monica where he was an entertainment and brand marketer to some of the biggest brands such as IKEA, Popeye’s, and Dewalt.

While in this position he developed relationships with TV and film studio executives, such as Warner Bros., MGM, and ABC. This entertainment marketing experience transferred very well into event marketing and promotions. Mr. Bardwell managed an annual $1 million advertising and promotions budget for Macy’s Department stores based out of Los Angeles. [/col] [col class=”1/3″]

Our Passion

After three years in events marketing, he went back to the entertainment industry because that’s where the passion endured; focusing on the independent online video industry. Mr. Bardwell has assisted indie producers and multi-media executives develop, market, and monetize their online videos located all over the world.

Mr Bardwell has also been tirelessly dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of digital entertainment.  He served as Director of Communications for the International Academy of Web Television (IAWTV) for almost two years.

The next dream project was to create an original and unique web TV network.  Mr. Bardwell then moved his operations of creating a web TV network to South Miami Beach.  There he developed Nūtral TV; a web TV network for promoting and viewing web series and short films. We use Hosts, or 1980s MTV style VJs, to promote premium quality content on multi-platform devices.

Our Future

Today Bardwell Media, located in Baton Rouge, Los Angeles, and South Beach, specializes in helping businesses, brands, organizations, and content producers use the proven benefits of online video marketing.  Bardwell Media also knows quite a bit about transmedia projects, website development, SEO, social media, brand strategy, e-commerce, events, and analytics…and just about any other type of marketing. Bardwell Media continues to assist clients, all around the world, navigate the waters of their digital projects.

We look forward to not only helping your digital projects, but using the latest technology to create compelling stories of our own.  Formulating a story and distributing it to the masses gets us up in the morning.